Watching My Favorite Novel Live

When I learned about a new show that was premering, I started looking up cable television information. The show was based on one of my favorite novels of all time. I wanted someone to make a movie about the novel, but I guess a television show works just as well, as long as it has the proper cast and director to bring it to life. I never really cared about having cable before, mainly because I’m a little frugal, and the monthly admission for cable didn’t fall withtin my spending plans.

I was able to find some cable providers that had some reasonable prices by searching around on a few websites. This took the sting of having to pay for cable off a little bit. I contacted one of the companies and asked if they had any kind of discount for a new subscriber, and they told me about their extended channel packages, which included movies channels. For a whole year I could get the discount at the price that most people pay for just basic cable with other companies. It sounded like a good deal, so I signed up for it.

After a quick installation, I was watching the first episode of the television show adaptation of my favorite novel. I had high hopes for the series, and after seeing the first episode, I was convinced that the show would do the novel justice. The actors got the character portrayals done perfectly. Even their manner of speech, their demeanor, and their personality were all done correctly. It was as if they were lifted directly from the novel. I know that the series will have a mid season finale, go on break, and then have a season finale months later, because it is the standard practice these days. I can’t wait for the future of this show.