Looking for Good Restaurants in Liverpool

I am currently on vacation in Liverpool, in England, and I will be here for about a week, or so, and as such, I thought it would be best to try to figure out the names and locations of some good restaurants in town. As such, I am going to look on the internet to see if I can find restaurants in Liverpool that will suit my tastes. One of my favorite things to do when I travel is to try as many local restaurants as I am able to during my stay. I am visiting from the United States, and I have decided that I will try to sample fish and chips at a number of restaurants in England during my stay.

I know that fish and chips is very popular around here, and I have already grown fond of the dish, as it is as delicious as it is simple. I have always had a great fondness for fried fish, so that is probably one of the reason why I enjoy the dish so much. Anyway, I will not be eating one dish my whole time here, so in addition to finding some local restaurants that are renowned for the quality of their fish and chips, I will also need to find some other restaurants as well; restaurants that serve various different cuisines, because I enjoy to have a healthy amount of variety in the foods that I eat. I know that I want to find a good Japanese steakhouse to eat at before the end of the trip. It has been far to long since I have had the pleasure of dining at a Japanese steakhouse, and I could really go for some teryiaki shrimp and fillet Mignon with some sushi and a little sake to wash it all down.