Getting Our Horse Gear at a Great Price

There is a really neat online store where I order horse riding clothes for my daughter. She has had her own horse for a couple of years now, and she finally started entering competitions just a few months ago. She is really good, and I wanted her to look the part, knowing how happy that would make her too. The online store where I shop for her riding clothes is called Junior Equine, and they have everything we could possibly need for both casual riding as well as competition riding.

I never pick anything out for her on my own. Though we have similar tastes, she is nearly a teenager and definitely has her own style. It is funny because everything she picks is probably what I would have picked for her as well. If I had pointed it out first though, it might be something she would never, ever choose! Anyway, this store that sells horse riding clothes for kids has everything she needs. She was able to get pants, shirts and jackets for her casual riding. She also got a really nice pair of boots and a rain slicker too, since she loves to ride when it is raining softly.

She was also able to find things there for her horse and even her dog. She has a horse rug from there that is extremely stylish, and she has also gotten horse boots and bridles here too. For her two dogs, she wanted them to match her horse so we got them each a coat that matches pretty close to what her horse wears. All in all, we have saved a lot of money by buying these things from Junior Equine because we always get a lower price than what the suggested retail price is in other stores.